pros and cons organic fertilizers

The Pros and Cons of Organic Fertilizers

Organic gardening has surged in popularity as more people realize synthetic fertilizers’ effects on the environment. Most people choose organic fertilizers because they are made from natural elements, making them better for plants and the environment.

But are organic fertilizers really the best option? We’ll explore the pros and cons and help you decide whether they’re suitable for your garden.

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breathe new life into dying soils

How to Breathe New Life into Dying Soil

Improving soil health can significantly impact everything from garden production to farm profitability and environmental sustainability. But what if your soil is in bad shape, and you don’t know where to start?
Here are a few signs to look for and ways to breathe back life into your soil.

6 Ways To Achieve A Self-Sustaining Garden

A self-sustaining garden, as the name suggests, can take care of itself with little assistance from the gardener. It’ll keep producing nutritious fruits, vegetables and herbs with minimal maintenance. Learn the six ways you can make your garden more self-sustaining.