Choosing the Best Houseplant for Your Lifestyle [Infographic]

By: Greener Ideal Staff

We know by now that indoor plants are great and healthy additions to our homes. Certain plants are proven to improve air quality and help us focus.

Keeping a few houseplants throughout your home is a great way to not only better your health, but to also spruce up your home.

Plants come in all shapes and sizes that make it easy to find a plant that perfectly fits the design direction you have in your home.

However, plants have many different attributes that affects the way you care for them. Some plants require daily watering while some are drought-resistant. Some plants require a lot of sun while some thrive better in shaded areas.

To make the selection process easier, ProFlowers has a fun flowchart quiz for all of you indecisive plant parents out there.

Navigate your way through the quiz to find the best houseplant for you!

House Plant Flowchart Infographic

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